Monday, June 20, 2005

Capri and Naples (Day 11)

A garden in Capri.
A road in Capri that was built by some rich bored guy. Before the built the road, there was no way to get up or down that cliff.

Looking down the cliffs to the gorgeous turquoise water.
Me in front of the ocean.

We took a boat tour around Capri, and this was a rock in the middle of the ocean called the Love Rock. When a couple gets married, they traditionally go under this arch three times. Our guide serenaded us with "That's amore" while we were going under.
A little grotto carved into the cliffs. There's a statue of the Virgin Mary in there.

The shores of Capri.
On the boat tour looking back at Capri.

The Love Rock from a distance.
Looking back at Capri.

Looking down at the city of Capri.
A tree in one of the gardens.

The hard rock beaches of Capri. It hurt to walk on, but it was kind of like a rough massage to lay down. There's no nudes. I looked.

A fortress in Naples. We just drove through, so we didn't really get to see much of the city.
A cruise liner docked in Naples.


jemison said...

Did you miss Pompeii?

Great pics.

Roonie said...

Capri looks a lot like Cinque Terre (which is up by Genoa), but Capri's quite a ways further south. It's funny, because our pictures are very similar. Italy's coasts are gorgeous!

Laurahtje said...

You took some amazing pictures. I googled for cool gothic architecture and your pictures came up. :)
Thanks for posting them.
Your trip looks amazing.

Gianni said...

Hey you are very pretty! Do u come again to Italy?


Marit said...

Hello, Ive been to Capri 6-7 years ago, wonderful island!

But I wander, was there really a sculptur og the virgin Mary in the cave/grotto?
I would like very much if you would answer me, becauce I am looking for scukpture of the virgin around the world!Cincerly
Marit, Norway