Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Rome (Day 9)

This was an ancient Roman temple that they (the Christians) decided to build a church inside. Look at the top of the columns and you can see grooves that they cut into the stone in order to tie ropes around them and pull them down - except they were so well built that they wouldn't fall. So they just build around it. Christians are CRAZY!
A street performer in Piazza Navona. He is standing completely still, and his clothes were wired to make them stay that way.

Me and AMS (the little sister) making out with a parakeet on the streets of Rome.
Speaking of are the streets of Rome!

An original Roman water fountain that still works, and is still supplied by an aquaduct. The water was, if I may say so, the best water I've ever had. Or, it could have been that it was a fazillion degrees out and I hadn't had any water all day.
Ruins on Capitol Hill.

Walking up to the Coloseum (AKA Colisseum) - our first glimpse of it! It was unbelieveable.
Me in front of the Coloseum. Did you read that? THE COLOSEUM. I WAS THERE.

The inside of the Coloseum. Because, you know, I was inside of it. The Coloseum, that is.
Me in front of an arc d'triumphe (no, the one in Paris is not the only one; they are everywhere!).

The interior of the Coloseum.
Me looking extremely awkward in the Coloseum.

Me eating gelato for probably the sixth time that day.
The streets of Rome (this is actually right outside Vatican City).

The streets of Rome right outside the Coloseum.
The Colo-freakin-seum.

Looking up at the Coloseum.
The hallway that runs around the Coloseum.

More of the interior of the Coloseum.
Looking out at the gladiator quarters and an arc d'triumphe from the Coloseum.

Ruins outside the Coloseum.
Ruins at Capitol Hill.

More ruins at Capitol Hill.
A building (I think it's a museum...or the capitol building) at the Michelangelo-designed Capitoline Square (Piazza de Campidoglio) and a statue of Marcus Aurelius.

Trevi Fountain.
Me and AMS outside Trevi Fountain.

The Pantheon. THE PANTHEON!
Interior of the THE PANTHEON (just in case you didn't get it...I was IN the PANTHEON!).

View of St. Peter's Cathedral from a bridge across the Tiber River.


Apologia_Christi said...

Hello, I found your webpage through my webcounter. More and likely you accidently found my webpage by happenchance. Anyhoo...thought I would tell you that you are a very attractive lady. Italy is a great place. I am an Italian myself. Well..I was born in the states, but my family is from Naples.

Keep smiling! That would make any person with a bad day turn around for the best! Beautiful, that you are.

Jeremiah said...

Those are really really cool pictures. Did you take them all yourself? I wish I could go to Rome, or to anywhere out of the states this summer. I went to the Ukraine for 2 and a half weeks last summer. It was really cool. Have fun.

gunngirl said...

Wow, the pics are incredible! I love them. You went to Rome with your little sis? That's so cool. Your pics are as close to Rome as I'll ever get. Love the blog!

AdamWillis said...

wow, you've got a lot of pictures. my buddy im here with usually posts most of ours, im the one with the camera. I will have been here a month by the time i leave (aug 10) how long you gonna be around?

Miss.Q said...

goregous pictures! I would love to go to europe!
Is that your natural hair color. If soo Im jealous.

john boy said...

Great pics.

Wow, you did Italy in 3 days! I was just there for a whole month and that wasn't long enough :)

Karlos said...

Wonderful pictures! I've never been to Europe, but hope to get there one day.


stretch td said...

Beautiful! And Rome was nice too!